DNA Braid step by step tutorial


How to DNA Braid

DNA Braid step by step tutorial

The DNA braid or 3 strand Fishtail as it is sometimes known is a beautiful intricate braid. It gets its name from the twist which resembles a double helix, although it takes a little while to do the results are definitely worth it.

In this tutorial we will explain step by step how to achieve this amazing braid. Don’t be intimated by it, it’s not as complicated as it looks.

We’ve chosen to do a half up style for this tutorial but this braid also looks great as a high or low ponytail or even pigtails.

What you will need

You won’t need much to create this braid just a hair brush a few bands/elastics and any styling products you require (the hair can get a bit untidy near the end as the outer sections become shorter so if your hair is prone to flyaways something to tame it is highly recommended to keep the braid neat).


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DNA Braid Step by step guide

The braid is easier to do than it looks. The technique is similar to a fishtail braid, it is achieved by passing small pieces of hair over and under each other and finishing by twisting the hair to achieve this amazing double helix shape.


DNA Braid step by step guide


  1. Put half of the hair into a ponytail then section the ponytail into 3. Make the middle section smaller than the outer 2 sections.
  2. Take a small piece of hair from underneath the right hand section then pull it over the top.
  3. Pass the piece of hair under the middle section then join it into the left hand section.
  4. Take a small piece of hair from top of left hand section and wrap around outside of left hand section
  5. Pass the hair underneath towards the middle section
  6. Pass the piece of hair over the top of the middle section and join into the right hand section.
  7. Repeat steps 2-6 until the hair becomes too short to braid or you reach the desired length, then use a bobble or elastic to secure the ends.
  8. Gently twist the braid in a clockwise direction.
  9. Finish with your favourite accessories and your done.


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How to Fishtail Braid for Beginners

How to Fishtail braid for beginners


how to fishtail braid


If you are unsure on how to create a fishtail braid, now is the time to learn. Braids are incredibly popular plus they look great on adults and children.

The fishtail is one of the easiest braids to learn although it is also one of the most time consuming braids to complete depending on whether you choose a chunkier or a more intricate style.

The fishtail braid is a bit like a French braid but with less strands. What I like about the fishtail is how the amount of hair you grab from each side and the amount of tension in the braid can produce dramatically different results in the finished look.

You can have a messier, chunky fishtail or a more neat, detailed braid. The smaller the sections you grab the more fishtail-like your braid will be.

Once you’ve mastered the basic technique have an experiment with different size sections and find your ideal look. 

We have created an easy to follow step by step tutorial if you prefer a video tutorial this can be found on our youtube channel.


Heres what you’ll need

theres not a lot needed to create this braid just a brush, elastic/hair bobble for the end and if this is you first time doing the braid you may find it easier to put the hair into a ponytail first (you can always remove the band at the end)

Step by Step guide

To braid is created by dividing the hair into two and then passing small bits of hair from each section over to the other side alternating each side. Heres a step by step guide on how to do it.

how to fishtail braid

  1. Section hair into two equal sized ponytails  (if this is you first time trying a fishtail you may find it easier to secure hair into a ponytail with an elastic first, you can always remove it afterwards)
  2.  Separate a small section from the outside of the right ponytail
  3. Pull this piece of hair over the top of the right ponytail
  4. Join it in with the left ponytail.
  5. Separate a small section of hair from the left ponytail
  6. Pull this piece of hair over the top of the left ponytail
  7. Join it in with the right ponytail.
  8. repeat steps 2-7 until you run out of hair
  9. When you finished tie hair with a band or elastic
  10. If you secure the hair at the start with a band/elastic you can remove this now.


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how to care for and store your hair bows

How to care for and store your hair bows

how to care for and store your hair bows

Whether you have one bow or a hundred in your collection you want to know how to store and care for your hair bows to keep them looking there best right?


I’m going to talk you few a few ways to do just that.

How to Store your Hair Bows

First of all storage. Has anyone ever taken a bow out of the drawer to find it flat as a pancake?

To keep your hair bows plump and bouncy they should be stored flat without anything on top of them or clipped onto a bow holder.

I personally prefer to hang up my girls bows, it makes it easier to find the one I want quickly especially when we’re trying to get ready for school in the morning. Also my girls love that they can easily see and choose the one they want without having to dig through a box or drawer


how to care for and store your hair bows
A bow holder is a great way of organising your hair accessories


If you have very young children in the house I recommend hanging them out of reach as bows can contain small parts and are not designed to be played with.

Hair Bow Care

Frayed edges

Hair bows can fray over time, its ok we like to think its a sign of a well loved bow.

To fix this you just need a sharp pair of scissors and carefully snip away the stray bits. This will keep your favourite bows looking great. 

Dirty Hair Bows

If your bows become dirty you can wipe them with a damp cloth.

Be careful not to scrub at leatherette bows as this could remove the pattern.



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Easy Valentines Day Hairstyle


Ready to add some accessories?

Finish off you style with a cute valentines themed hair bow from our shop.



Variations of this valentines day hairstyle

Half up heart even adults can pull this one off if you would prefer a more subtle style join the two braids higher up for a smaller heart.

Side heart looks really cute on shorter hair just make the half ponytail over to the side before starting your heart.